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India Vogue & HOLA!

Manish Malhotra, Monisha Jaising – Vogue & HELLO!

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Fashion Icon and the British Fashion Ambassador, Kelly Prehn, wore a breathtaking Monisha Jaising gown at a fashion gala evening in Hong Kong at the Four Seasons in Hong Kong this week. Kelly, who ELLE Magazine just announced as ‘the most powerful international woman in fashion in China’ also wore incredible jewels by Butani with 72 carats of rubies and 45 carats of diamonds. ‘I am honoured to be here, and think so highly of Indian heritage and the incredible talent that is part of this fantastic country.’ said Kelly. The staggering red brocade outfit, woven in Benaras featuring gold zari work was an instant hit with the international jet set Indian crowd. ‘Monisha Jaising is a true pioneer of Indian Fashion and I really love her designs – so unique and both traditional and international. Plus, I recently saw Shilpa Shetty walking in India Couture Week 2017 and love Shilpa’s grace and style.’

Top Indian designer Manish Malhotra was also in town for the extravagant event and held a fashion runway show during the fundraiser supporting Habitat for Humanity, founded in 1976 with Mrs Purvis Shroff as the Patron. One of the goals of the organisation is helping to increase women’s empowerment. ‘I intend to visit India soon to learn more about the high fashion scene, and as a life long vegetarian am looking forward to your delicious dishes also!’ reported Kelly.