Wedgwood Launch Kelly England



Kelly England Talks British Brands in Shanghai

  • Wedgwood Takashimaya, Shanghai.
  • Kelly England, Creative Director supporting British brands in Shanghai.
  • Alexander McQueen is developing it's luxury reputation in China.
  • Bamford is a key British brand desirable to Chinese consumers.
  • Kelly England, Creative Director handling media in Hong Kong and China.
  • Luxury brand launch, China.

I am happy to be here at Takashimaya Shanghai today supporting a great British brand, Wedgwood, from Staffordshire. British brands are doing so well in China, including Alexander McQueen, Haig Club, Victoria Beckham and Bamford. Chinese people are very open to British brands and very interested in the highest quality so it is great to introduce the very best.‘ Kelly England, Creative Director.
Originally released on China TV, now viewable on youtube.