Red Arrows Royal Air Force Zhuhai China

Royal Air Force Zhuhai China Success

Oct 22, 2016 was a historic day for East and West relations as The RAF’s Red Arrows dazzled Chinese aviation fans with their first public display in the country – the climax of a post-Brexit ‘Best of British’ tour. The jets performed for thousands of fans at the opening day of the Zhuhai International Airshow . Special guests included Air Vice-Marshal Andrew Turner, Commodore Rupert Hollins, Jeremy Sargent OBE, Kelly England Prehn, David Bull (UKTI) and George Day (BritCham). The Red Arrows team of engineers and pilots toured schools and businesses across China. Squadron Leader David Montenegro, who has flown with the team for five years, said the tour is the biggest to be made by the Red Arrows in 10 years and the performance in China had taken 18 months of planning. “When you look at the context of what we are doing here, the amount of planning, preparation and scope of the journey it gives you an extra amount of fulfilment,” he told The Telegraph ahead of the display. ”So personally it will be one of the biggest shows that I have ever flown with the team.” Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said: “Our RAF Red Arrows and Typhoons represent the best of British. The Red Arrows will fly the flag for Britain in key export markets while our RAF Typhoons will exercise with our allies.” Jeremy Sargent OBE reported ”The fabulous display we witnessed in Zhuhai is the culmination of the talents of not only the pilots and a support group of 120 people who ensure every aspect of the operation is seamless. It was a fantastic example of the fusion of diplomacy, technology, teamwork and humility, which the British business community are very proud of.” Links between UK and China are at an all time high, with trade of both manufacturing and luxury brands on the rise. Kelly England Prehn commented ”The remarkable abilities of the Red Arrows, combined with the humble and extremely polite nature of it’s heroes exemplifies the quietly strong and determined approach of the British in international cooperation.”