Action Fourteen

The Mira Hotel

Following the Grand Opening in 2009, The Mira Hotel is now a premium destination hotel for discerning travelers. Owned by Miramar Hotel and Investment Company, with 492 rooms and suites, and a location in key shopping district Tsim Sha Tsui, GFI's involvement with The Mira assisted in the development into the highest bracket of hotel in Hong Kong. Beginning with arranging print advertisements and advertorial in targeted publications.

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W Hotels

Launching the Bliss spa's at the new W Hotels by Starwood, was carefully handled to introduce the group to the mainland China market. Equally vital were the goals of continuing the strong image of the W Hotels already developed in the USA, alongside making the destination suitable for the local urban markets.

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East Meets West

GFI Creative specialises in succeeding in balancing the best of East and West to maximum advantage to brands, buyers and end consumers. Handling of European and USA brands for the Asian markets is a sensitive and highly skilled venture. China is no longer merely a premier manufacturing hub, it is a premier retail destination for both China made and established international brands.

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